Videography and a Few Flight Shots

A while ago I took some shots down at the lake of the New Zealand Scaup which is establishing themselves. I was actually quite pleased with the video, which you can see along with photos below:

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Looking Locally

I went to have a look at two nearby spots the other day, both along highway 63.

The first spot we went to was an access point to the Wairau River, below Wash Bridge. I used to go there a fair bit, it often hosted river nesting birds such as the Black-fronted Tern, Black-Billed Gull, and Banded Dotterel. I was hoping to see some Black-Fronted Tern and New Zealand Pipit among other things, but when I got there the place was void of life, other than a few Feral Pigeons roosting under the bridge.

It appears the access road is being used to store gravel for the highway… so the gravel drive has been all repaired and smoothed out, but it looks like someone went and flattened a bit of the river bed too. I am assuming the birds have been disturbed by all the work or displeased by the flattening of their habitat. Hopefully, they will return later, I am just glad it wasn’t done during the nesting season, or there could have been a few crushed nests.

Lonesome Lurker

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Bird Day Out

UPDATE: Checking up on this blog I noticed all my photos are missing on this post. I shall attempt to fix it, sorry for the inconvenience.

Last Saturday I attended a Nelson Region Birds New Zealand field trip, I don’t think they have had one for an awfully long time actually… It was bright and sunny, but still pretty cold. We went to Bell Island, an island near to the larger, and more well known, Rabbit Island. Bell Island has a sewage treatment plant on it, but that wasn’t what we were there for, we were there for the waders! It is a great spot, hosting a large flock of Wrybill among other birds, and two exciting ones!


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